Darcy Rayner

fullstack engineer in NYC

👋 hello

Nice to meet you. I'm Darcy. I make things.
What kind of things? How about kick-ass kids games, mind blowing mobile apps, and scalable serverless backends.

I'm a lead software engineer at Two Bulls, New York, where I run the front end web development chapter. I've been at Two Bulls since 2012, and have worked on dozens of projects with clients like Disney, PBS, LIFX, Verizon and the Linux Foundation.

Having been fortunate enough to work in and lead some high performance agile teams, I firmly believe good engineering isn't just about technical ability, it's about empathy, product focus, and collaboration.

🤺 skills

  • Angular
  • Typescript
  • Unity
  • C#
  • iOS
  • Swift
  • AWS
  • Go
  • Serverless
  • Leadership

❤️ open source

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